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All together now- the band goes on!

Below are four individuals passionate about guitars and the guitar culture. They live and breathe guitars, and for this reason, they created a website to bring together people who share the same passion. They believe in the unity and peace guitars give and strive to promote that peace and unity in everything they do and everywhere they go.

Joel ‘Emotional Stripper’ Coleman

He is a contributing writer to the website. He's a very emotional individual, who feels everything and anything at an extremely deep level. And all this is reflected in the music he writes. He goes by the stage name "Emotional Stripper". He chose that specific stage name because for a long time he had been told that his music strips emotions to their core. That it makes people recognize the depth of their feelings. In fact, some of his fans refer to him as "The all-time lyrical genius".

Rubin ‘The Eye’ Welsh

He is the website editor. He is a detail-oriented individual. With him, hardly anything ever goes unnoticed, especially when it comes to any written piece of work. His students secretly nicknamed him "The Eye". He pretends like he has no knowledge of the nickname, but he is secretly proud of it. Between you and I, it is one of the reasons you will find him smiling at himself. A habit that makes most strangers look at him questioningly, thinking he is not in his right mind. Which of course is far from the truth.

Slick ‘Retro’ Patty

He is a contributing writer to the website. He loves writing for the website. When with his peers, it's all he ever talks about. Through writing he is able to re-live his days as a Jazz guitarist, being on stage and playing for masses of people. His online name is "Retro Lover". And true to his name, his favorite quote is "I am a lover, not a fighter". Despite his old age, he is a young spirit at heart. In fact, if you ever find a gray-haired man with a white beard wearing skinny damaged jeans or leather pants, that's probably him.

Tom ’Cracker’ Johnson

He is the on-scene reporter of events. He is a very energetic individual, literary and figuratively. If anyone needs a volunteer for anything, he is always the first one in line. Music is his first love, and every time he plays his guitar, he does it like it would be the last time. He goes by the stage name "Cracker". And true to it, when he plays, walls crack and bodies shiver.

If there is one quote that resonates with all these four individuals, it is "Be love, be peace, be unity, and inspire". In fact, you can also find it on the home page of their website. They strongly believe in its meaning and started the website for those same reasons. They believe in using their talent and passion to achieve the core values of that quote. It is the mantra that they live by, and they hope that through their website other people can live by the same.



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