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man-plants-guitar-shaped-forest-for-wife-in-pampas-argentinaWho better knows dedication than the guitarist

A farmer in Argentina planted 7000 trees as a tribute to his late wife, the forest was planted to emulate the shape of a guitar. This clearly shows how the guitar as a musical instrument is adored.

Looking to learn some tips from famous guitarists

Today, many famous guitarists provide solutions for those who consistently practice to play it but are not getting any better. For aspiring guitarists, first you need to get the right resources, that is, an experienced teacher, a nice guitar and at times a good guide such as a tutorial would come in handy. Patience and resilience are among the key values that a guitarist has to have. Moreover, having reasonable expectations would also help a great deal, whereby for instance playing the guitar cannot be learned in one sitting. In order to be successful as a guitar player, it is important to practice what you have learned and make sure that it sticks in your mind. It can also be very helpful when you ensure that something new is learned each day, through playing the guitar and visualizing it.

Do you want to know about the dark side of the industry

Competition is a nightmare for most musicians, it has eaten up many talents as professional competition can at times result into personal rivalry. Addiction and drug abuse by famous artists also contribute to the ruining of the music industry. Addiction has in the past resulted in illnesses and even the loss of lives of great musicians. Even though greed and exploitation is a problem that cuts across many sectors of life it is quite prominent in the music sector. There are renowned record labels that connivingly rob money from their artists. It is also no news that young upcoming musicians have been denied the chance of shining like the others. This is partly because some are forced to bribe their way into fame. All in all, music is life, its dark sides should be evaded and solutions found.

guitarIs there a language used by guitarists

Few people know that a person who makes and repairs guitars is called a Luthier. The act of learning guitar is not all about memorizing notes. It’s equally important to know the parts of a guitar among other things. At times, guitars require to be mended and one has to know the various guitar accessories. A guitar can at times be referred to as an Axe, however this name has become popular since the early 80’s and since then, many musicians like to refer to it that way. And much as most people know that a series of notes that form a sound is called a ‘Lick’, we go deeper to shed light on even more of the modern guitarist slang. These terms cannot be learned in a day but its important to know them, they are the basics that one has to start with as they are journeying towards being great guitarists. We want to recommend our sponsor site SlotsFree.com, which offers free (and real money) slot machine games online. Why is it relevant to mention? Because for example, on their NetEnt slots page, there are Rock n' Roll games that you might enjoy!

What tips are there for a successful gig?

Before you go for a live performance whats important is to master whatever you'll be performing and know the emotions you should be wearing based on your content. It is important to ensure that you are dynamic to avoid boring the audience. Imagine of a case scenario where a song has the same words repeated with only one tone, many people would just walk away and others would turn to their phones. While singing ensure you sing to your whole audience, even though you might not maintain eye contact with all of them ensure you use the whole stage. Another thing that would do well for an artist is not to imitate other artists. Be original, but you can always borrow skills from them. It is not an easy task performing to a multitude but with confidence, it is possible.

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